Stephen van Vuuren is an award-winning filmmaker, musician, photographer and ubergeek. He grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and Knoxville, Tennessee. His father purchased a manual 35mm camera for him when he was 12 and his love of image-making began.
​He has directed, produced and/or shot over twenty feature and short narrative, documentary, experimental and animation films that have screened at numerous festivals and in cyberspace. Stephen founded SV2 Post in 2000, which focuses on indie post-production, including digital cinema mastering.
​He first read about Saturn and Titan in Carl Sagan’s Cosmos as a child. In 2004, Cassini arrived at Saturn barely noticed by the world. Both exulted by the stunning images and disappointed by the lack of interest, he committed to finding a way to make a film that showcased the incredible beauty of Saturn and our entire universe, while exploring the reasons why most people know so little about it.​
He lives in Greensboro, NC with his musician/artist partner Marie and three cats, Obi, Kylo & Gypsy.
Levar Burton is a cherished actor, highly acclaimed children’s educator and innovative storyteller.
He is the recipient of the L.A. Times Book Prizes Innovator’s Award, the Chicago Tribune Young Adult Literary Award, thirteen Emmys, a Grammy and five NAACP Awards.
​Keynote speaker at leading education and technology events, LeVar has been featured at NASA, ISTE, The National Education Association, FAST COMPANY’s Innovation Series and many more.
In addition to his Star Trek legacy and popular podcast “Levar Burton Reads", he was executive producer of the beloved PBS children’s series “Reading Rainbow”, earning over 200 awards including multiple Emmys and a Peabody.
He also partnered to create SKYBRARY, a digital reading service filled with over 500 children’s fiction and non-fiction books, more than 150 newly produced video field trips and new content added every week. With millions of fans throughout the world, Burton continues his mission to inspire, entertain and educate.
"In creating a film that uses 7,500,000 photographs, every photograph is not equal. To create the stunning animated footage of flying through space, the most important ingredient is lots of very high-resolution images processed from space image sources.
Until early 2007, I was really stuck on how to get enough high-resolution images to create footage even at HiDef resolutions, much less resolutions for the giant screen. Then I found the Unmanned Spaceflight Forum.
Unmanned Spaceflight was the first big step that made a film possible that could play in IMAX® and Giant Screen theaters. Here, I found dedicated and talented amateurs that process space images. It opened the door to processing space images but more importantly, to have these passionate volunteers who donated their hard work and beautiful photographs to the film.
While NASA, JPL, CiClops, ESA, Space Telescope Institute and other agencies work to generate high- resolution images, huge amounts of data is never processed into usable images. Without the efforts of Unmanned Spaceflight – now sponsored by The Planetary Society – and the many other image processors around the world that have contributed to the film, there would be no In Saturn’s Rings."
​Stephen van Vuuren - Filmmaker
Lead Science Advisor - Professor Steve Danford, Ph.D. - UNC-G Astronomy
Science Advisors
Andrew Chaikin
Tom Drewes    
Tom English - GTCC Astronomy
Joseph Holmes - Guilford College Astronomy
Professor Stefan Jeglinski         
Aimilia Smyrli   
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Emily Lakdawalla - The Planetary Society
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Deidre Sorensen - Deidre Sorensen Photography
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Image Processors
Jenny Batista                          
Ioannis Batsios                        
Jacek Bobowik                        
Robert Broussard                    
Professor Steve Danford, Ph.D. - UNC-G Astronomy
Seán Doran                             
Richard Green                         
Jason Harwell                         
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Mattias Malmer                      
Timothy Matson                     
Kevin McAbee                         
Ian Regan                               
Judy Schmidt                          
Tim Shamblin                          
Bryan Simpson                        
Deidre Sorensen - Deidre Sorensen Photography
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Amy Vineyard  
Image Processor and Programmers
Joshua P. Elliott              
Professor Stefan Jeglinski
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Aimilia Smyrli            
Joan Valls Moreno  
Actor - Jeremy Kuhn, Timothy Matson
Art Director - Marie Stone-van Vuuren
Audio - Jonathan Ward, Ben West
Director - Philip Powell
Director of Photography - Justin Kuhn
Editor - Justin Kuhn
Electric - Ben West
Gaffer - Jason Pierce
Grip - Jason Pierce, Ben West, Simms Wright
Producer - Philip Powell, Leading Edge Video
Producer - Jonathan Ward
Still Photography - Alex Martin, Jonathan Ward
Video - Alex Martin
Video Village - Simms Wright
Writer - Philip Powell
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