Greensboro Symphony Orchestra
The film features “Adagio for Strings” by Samuel Barber performed by the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dmitry Sitkovetsky.
​The Greensboro Symphony Orchestra recorded two new versions of Samuel Barber's masterpiece "Adagio for Strings" for the film.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund the recording raised the $37,500 needed for production. The live recording employed a special double section of string players and percussionists who in addition to the classic original, performed a second, rhythmic version of "Adagio for Strings," arranged by Resident Conductor Nathaniel Beversluis.
​O.Henry Magazine Article: "6th Rock From The Sun"
Pieter Schlosser
Infinitum is the opening music of In Saturn’s Rings composed by accomplished film composer and musician Pieter Schlosser.​ His award winning film and television compositions are world-renowned.
n 2016, we posted an open call for musicians – from solo to full orchestra – to create performances of Schlosser's composition that will be mixed and layered together to create a unique musical soundscape.
Adagio for Strings
Composed by Samuel Barber
Published by G. Schirmer, Inc. (ASCAP)
Performed by The Greensboro Symphony Orchestra
Dmitry Sitkovetsky Music Director
Recording Engineer, Francois Arbour
ProTools Engineer, Tim Reitnouer
Location Engineer, Danny Slaughter
Recording Mixers, Francois Arbour, Tom Hauser
Greensboro Symphony Orchestra Resident Conductor, Nathaniel Fox Beversluis
Greensboro Symphony Musicians
Violin I
John Fadial Concertmaster
Janet Orenstein Associate Concertmaster
Wendy Rawls Assistant Concertmaster
Nicolae Soare
Andrew Emmett
Nonoko Okada
Monika Wilmot
Jean Von Berg Sykes
Karen Collins
Ramilya Siegel
Brandon Ironside
Matvey Lapin
Scott Rawls Principal Viola
Maureen Michels Assistant Principal Viola
Eric Koontz
Simon Ertz
Gizem Yucel
Caroline Jones
Noah Hock
Kirsten Swanson
Camille Prescott-Archer
Anne DiPiazza
John Spuller Principal Bass
Michael Ashton Assistant Principal Bass
Virginia Masius
Jan Mixter
Bu Scherf
Mara Barker
Violin II
Fabrice Dharamraj Principal Violin II
Stephanie Ezerman Associate Principal Violin II
Alison Lawson Assistant Principal Violin II
Ewa Dharamraj
Luci White
Hui Lim
Catherine Burton
Betty Kelley
David Mullikin
Kay Hensley
Emi Hildebrandt
Beth Vanderborgh Principal Cello
Anne Sellitti Assistant Principal Cello
Marcia Riley
Brenda Fincher
Worth Williams
Gina Pezzoli
Lee Richey
Melodee Earnhardt
Ryan Graebert
Peter Zlotnick Principal Timpani
Wiley Arnold Sykes III Principal Percussion
Beverly Naiditch Assistant Principal Percussion
Composed by Pieter Schlosser
Performed by Pieter Schlosser
Additional Performers
Bob Wegner
Kevin Village Stone
Rick Carr
Mark Snyder
Lea Reis
Mike McCann
Justin Markowitz
James Cockerham
Benjy Johnson
Burkhard Mahler
Tom Haring
Voodoo Fuel
Gideon Heart
Pillars of Light
Composed by Siddhartha Barnhoorn
Performed by Siddhartha Barnhoorn
Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
Composed by Stephen van Vuuren
Produced by Earthtones Recording Studio
Engineered by Benji Johnson
Guitars - Benji Johnson
Vocals - Sheila Duell, Sarah Strable, Jade Maturino
Drums - Tracy Thornton
Timpani - Mark Wagoner
Cello - Alexander Ezerman
Piano - Stephen van Vuuren
Recording by Eric Lewis, CAS
Recorded at Studiopolis, Studio City
Glen Morrissette – Midi Transcription
Michael Sirotta – Midi Transcription
Sheila Duell – Music Contributor/Arrangement
Marie Stone-van Vuuren – Music Contributor/Arrangement
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