Zeitgeist 2008

I hope all had a good holidays and/or new year’s break. 2008 was a great year for “Outside In” – seed money raised, presented film at GSCA conference and more. 2009 is the year I aim to get full-time production happening full-time i.e. 6 days a week, all year for a couple of years until the film is complete.

But the long delay will have a silver lining – more on that in a few days. A big thanks to all who believe in this project and moved it so far forward in 2008.

But the Zeitgeist of real note for the film is actually from Google. A major section of “Outside In” features photographs of and from history with special focus on the years 2000 – present day (which will end at the point of completion of the film). I decide what and how many images to include based on number of rankings based on and inspired by Google’s year-end Zeitgeist. It’s fascinating stuff and well worth perusing – both global and by countries.

At least this year, Obama pushed the Paris Hiltons of the world down the list of bit. Always a good thing 🙂


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