Where to watch the Mars Landing Live

As some may know since it’s getting a little better media coverage than Cassini or Huygens did, the Phoenix Lander is due to land on Mars Sunday at around 7:50pm EST.

Of course, it’s not going to an event as it should, with live news coverage by all major networks etc. (does anyone else not think this is far more interesting the a presidential debate?).

I realize it’s does not appear to be compelling TV but that’s in a large part on how it’s being covered, not the event itself. With the right kind of production value, human interest angle etc, it would make great live TV as the risks, drama and rewards of landing a spacecraft on another world are as high as it gets for humans – easily more challenging than any sport or other mass live event I can think of.

Anyway, I’m off the soap box now – visit Emily’s great blog at the Planetary Society – she has a great list of places to watch live including some actual TV coverage though you need extended digital cable (Science TV) to get it.

Phoenix Lander

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