What’s Up This Week

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. I’m feeling rested and ready to start building my fitness up after nearly 10 months of being unable to exercise.

I’m going to post regular updates here on where things are progressing for the film. I will also be putting a more detailed live status page on the website once we figure out the web code. Here’s what is happening:

  1. Final upgrade to off-site backup setup is nearing completion. This involved upgrading a old Drobo box that had 16 Terabytes of storage and resided in a remote location that due to lack of true high-speed in Greensboro, was too slow and now lacks capacity for backup. That box now has 32 TB and second Drobo unit (we bought both a few years ago at a firesale and they are annoying to work with) was dead but I got it working well enough for offsite backup. Using those old units saved us nearly $5000. It also now has 32TB. Both units have backups of all critical files and critical renders. We also have a local backup of everything (150+ TB) and a cloud backup of critical files (about 10TB) for around 2 complete backups, 3 critical backups and about 6 backups of project files. It took about a month of work just to get this done. But it will be our last upgrade of backups.
  2. Team is hard at work on solving the challenges of the opening section that is delayed. This section involves a photographic model of the universe built with data from Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS data). We have completed taking 350,000 photographic fields, cutting out 5.5 million galaxies into individual files and tagging each of those files with distance and location data. That took 9 months. We are now working through the complex math and programming challenges of arranging these 5.5 million photographs of individual galaxies into background photo plates scientifically accurate and into individual layers for those that are close to high resolution photographs processed by our deep space team. Once these challenges are solved we will have a much better idea when the film will actually be done. But it will be worth the wait – it’s gonna look amazing.
  3. Our local sound mixer Tom Hauser is putting the finishing touches on the “Adagio for Strings” recording and now editing the additional music we recorded at that session. We are waiting final input from the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra conductors on Adagio.
  4. A volunteer composer Pieter Schlosser is putting the final touches on the opening 10 minutes of music for the film (that goes along with #2 above). We hope to have other musicians perform this piece for a very unique musical performance up to the task of accompanying the creation of the Universe over 13.7 billion years.
  5. I will move on to finishing the cleanup of Colin Legg‘s timelapse footage that I nearly completed the night before the kidney stones hit as well as working on my tasks in #2 above which includes getting rid of spurious local (local to our Milky Way) in the SDSS data.

More soon!

  • Mat
    Posted at 19:03h, 07 January

    Hope to see the movie soon in Poland 🙂

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