What’s Up with ISR This Week

More of the same – and the waiting game. I’m continuing to work on cleaning up rogue stars, corrupt files and problems with the millions of cutouts in SDSS data I mentioned last time. I’ve developed good speed and getting through a decent chunk every session.

Plus, Bill Eberly, lead on the SDSS programming volunteers, wrote code to resize all the cleaned cutouts to 750 x 750 pixels. Not changing the size of them, just added transparent pixels around the smaller ones (the largest ones are around 750 pixels) to insure that we can do scientifically accurate placement in the final renders.

So this is what my workspace looks like today (click for high res if you have big monitor) – remote accessing two machines, one manual cleanup of SDSS while running Bill’s resize code folder by folder. Occasional errors have to be dealt with manually. It will take about 6 weeks to finish all this. Good to have dual 30″ monitors. 🙂

But I can’t do this all day, so also continuing to try to schedule to shoot panoramic stills at Kennedy Space Center for the last minute of the film – being working on this for 2 months amidst much red tape and involving, NASA in 4 offices plus SpaceX plus the US Air Force. But it looks like I will finally be able to head there this month. I’ve revised the ending of the film three times and this ending is the one. Plus work by others on the film on sound, score, Titan imagery tweaking and LRO cleanup.

Back to SDSS….

  • Doug Salinas
    Posted at 16:30h, 12 March

    Hi there!
    I think what you’re doing is amazing and very intriguing! I can NOT wait for this film to come to my local IMAX theater here in Houston. Keep up the good work, and always bare in mind what you’re doing for humanity. It’s all about the big picture 😉

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