What I’m thankful for…you.

Yes, I’m a guy in a basement making an IMAX film by myself. But not really – this would be an impossible undertaking without the incredible support, generosity and encouragement of so many. It means everything to me. Thank you.

Here’s a list of just some of you…

Red Giant Software
Andrew Oran & Fotokem
Cycore Systems
Marie van Vuuren
Michael J. Malaska
James Hyder & LF Examiner
Susan Russell & Alfred Williams, Inc.
Tim Sassoon & Sassoon Film Design
Rick Gordon & RPG Productions
The AE-List
Yanni Batsios
The Sale Family
Cathi Vogel of Velocity Trade Exchange
Gonzalo Anton Web Design
Amy Vineyard
Saving Sharks
United Arts Council of Greensboro
Ricardo Borba
Ted Zook
Jim McQuaid of Turnip Video
Noel Carboni
Andrew & Diana Johnson
Peggy Droz & Douglas Quin of DQ Media
Martin & Jacqueline Messick
Keith Erikson
Lisa & Martin Lopez
Kelly Hannum
Robin & Kevin Mykytyn
Ken Randall
Sheila Duell
Tim Matson
Jason Pierce
Phillip Powell
Ann Richards of Renea Myers Marketing
Stephanie & Todd Belcher of Jimmy Dog
Elaine Odenwald
Ron Pierce of Trinity Solutions, Inc.
Angel Guerrero of A Paradigm Shift
Paul Harrill of Self-Reliant Filmmaking
Wandering Space Blog
RebelFish Media
tv-player: flipbook + hdr sequence playback
Space Enthusiast Richard Hendricks from Austin, TX

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