Welcome to the new site!

At long last, as long promised, we have the new and official website for In Saturn’s Rings. Complete with the new official look for the film with a logo built off an actual frame from the film.


A huge thank you is due to two amazing volunteers who’ve donated this entire site to the film, Tia Hidayat and Jamie Lawson. Be sure to check out Tia’s company http://www.twelve31media.com/ if you want a site as beautiful and functional as this one.

What’s here?

  1. A great new home page with the question everybody asks – When? – that is easy for us to update as news happens. One place, one answer to the question I get about 12 times a day 🙂
  2. Want more info? While this site has been developed, I’ve written down over 12.000! words on mostly complete history of the film that is up-t0-date and explains where the film is, why the long process and exactly how we are doing the work. Be sure to subscribe and follow as we roll this out with a new post each week in shorter, digestible chunks.
  3. Lots of new content for the eyes – sexy new gallery, video clips, behind-the-scenes and more – explore!
  4. Up-to-date list of backers and donors – including our long missing Kickstarter backers who made Adagio for Strings possible.
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