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There have been a few valid comments and questions on social media from people who want a simple answer to the question “When” and are frustrated that this series of posts is taking so long to answer that question.

I realize the intro in Part 1 does not explain this well enough, so here’s full but short explanation vs. the 12,000+ word version. When, for this all-volunteer film, is a very complicated question with an even more complicated answer. But if you just want a summary – here it is:

Spoiler alert, we are not dragging out the answer to get you to read all these posts. The answer is there is still an unknown amount of time remaining on assembling the SDSS 5.1 million galaxies that we simply don’t know how long it will take. It’s been an unknown for 3 years, since mid-2013. But in 2013, I thought we knew how long it would take – that was my mistake.

Finishing all the rest of the film  is 12 months of full-time work and has been unchanged since mid-2013. In early 2013, we though we had 3 to 6 months of work on SDSS plus 12 months of full-time work to finish the film – thus late summer/fall 2014 was the date I mistakenly put out.

However, the opening section of the film has taken far, far longer. This series of blog posts is fairly complete explanation of how we got there, what happened in 2013/2014 and what has happened since including exactly where we are today.

So when will in Saturn’s Rings be done? The answer is X + 12 months (if I can continue to work on the film full-time or longer if it’s only part-time). In 2014, X was measured in years. In 2016 X is measured in months. We expect soon to have the data to know what X is.

Once we know exactly what X is, we plan to raise the money to insure work continues full-time.  We are fully aware when is the question everyone want’s answered. The timing of the multi-part posts hopefully will line up with X being solved but again, still an unknown.

I, more than anyone else in the film, have more at stake from the answer to this question, so believe it when I say, when I’m confident we can say when, I will shout it from the mountaintops.

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