Update on Film’s Progress

Blog updates have been a bit slow but will pick back up here. Some of you may recall my (Stephen van Vuuren, the director) ankle surgeries from 2014 & 2015.  Long story short, those surgeries failed and I’ve been on waiting list in 2016 for experimental bone transplant surgery. My number came up in December and surgery was Jan 4th. Everything has gone well so far – and I was well practiced this time to keep film production going while I can’t walk or sit at desk for very long.

So despite the surgery, progress of the film is going very well. We are in a rendering phase – that mother of all renders I’ve blogged about. It’s well over half complete. Here are a couple of peeks at how it’s turning out.

First, here is a 25% resolution of the full 5200 x 4200 pixel frame (click for full resolution). Each speck in this image is an individual galaxy image from Sloan Digital Sky Survey placed and scaled use the best scientific data on it’s location and size in the universe. There are several million galaxies, each one visible and countable (at full resolution if you have good eyes).

Here’s a 100% crop into the same frame:

Later in this shot we will zoom in on Arp273 which we have processed the high resolution imagery for – then the sequences continues on through another ten high rez galaxies accurately placed in the full set of 5.1 million SDSS galaxies leading us all the way to Andromeda and our own Milky Way. The full sequence will be complete in 2 to 3 more months!

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