Toolfarm and Red Giant Software Support Outside In

I want to give a shout out to a couple of great companies that have been supporting the film. Yes, this sounds like an ad but I was a customer of both these companies long before “Outside In”. They have gone out of their way to help me maximize the cash dollars raised so far on the film and I’m deeply grateful to them.

The excellent people at Toolfarm – pretty much the best place to buy plugins, software and more for motion and video pros; and the talented people at Red Giant Software, who develop and distribute one of the best palette of software tools; have both contributed software and upgrades to the film.

Even though “Outside In” is animated entirely from still photographs, a number of software plugins are key to making the shots work. I make heavy use of the wonderful Trapcode plugins:

  • EchoSpace allows me to easily arrange many photographs into patterns I need.
  • Particular allows me to use photographs as “particles” and arrange them in space for unique effects.
  • Lux, Shine and Starglow allow me to perfectly mimic the lighting in photographs and extend them beyond the edge of the photographs.
  • I’ve just started to play with Trapcode’s new Horizon tool that will allow me to use my huge photographs from Hubble etc. to create great new shots.
  • Finally Soundkeys is a cool plugin for timing shots to music.

I also depend on Knoll Light Factory as lens flares are very common in space photography and mimicking or extending those effects critical to maintaining the integrity of the photographs.

Finally, Red Giant Software has just acquired Digital Anarchy and I very much depend on 3D Assistants Pro for working with 3D Layers. Glad to see it will be in good hands under its new name “PlaneSpace“.

Of course, the best place to buy all these plugins is Toolfarm – easy to search around their site plus they have tips, samples, tutorials and much more.

Thanks again to both for supporting the film!

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