Three steps forward, two steps back – Fundraising & News Update

I realize it’s a little quiet here, but things are very busy here in the basement. The big push for full fundraising is underway and like all fundraising in tough times – there is bad news but good news on the horizon.

The quiet is because I’m in the middle of the final weeks push to get the low-budget feature film Hellphone finished which will help fund Outside In. Hellphone was created during the period when Outside In was on semi-hiatus waiting for the 64-bit version of Adobe After Effects (which I beta tested – if you missed it, the whole saga is here).

On the Outside In front, first some bad news. I was not awarded the NC Filmmaker’s Fellowship which is awarded every 2 years. My application was very strong but it appears, as in the past, the fellowship looks more at academic background (I’m a film school dropout), festival screenings/presences (applying to lots of film festival costs thousands of dollars and needless to say, I don’t enter any that cost money) and “southern/regional work”. My work is not southern or regional at all – obviously Outside In focuses on the whole universe – though perhaps I should add a banjo score.

Step two back: I had spent much time (many, many months) trying to secure full funding through a small NC based company that would acquire the technology developed for Outside In for other IMAX projects – however, they have passed in favor of doing their own film project as they did not feel Outside In has much “box office potential”. Despite the fact the Outside In is not-for-profit film, the response I’ve had locally, online and in the giant screen industry has been tremendous, so I think given its very low budget, it will be a big success. But they did not see it that way. However, I made a lot of good connections, got a chance to do some very heavy testing of IMAX film production issues which will greatly benefit Outside In.

Anyone who knows me at all realizes setbacks just motivate me all the more. I’ve already got another grant applications in the mail, two more grants upcoming this fall, two private fund-raising events in two cities where my dad has connections are being planned and a major fund-raising event in early winter here in Greensboro. And don’t forget Team 11!

And there’s more – I have some great new footage to showcase which I aim to generate some great new buzz for Outside In – some very cool “never be done before” stuff. It may seem like Outside In is taking a very long time, but just remember, the average time from start to a release in theaters for a project like this is 8 to 10 years and I’m not even halfway to that.

So, yes a couple of steps back, but good things ahead.

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