The Theater of the Absurd

I just turned down a deal to fund “Outside In”. Yeah, you read right. I said “no thanks”. It’s never an easy decision to say no to money, especially in film funding. I’ve spent a pretty penny on “Outside In” and it’s hard to get any offer to finance any film. So even if the offer was a not good offer, it’s better than nothing right? No, there is something worse than nothing and that’s a loss of control.

Strangely enough, shortly after turning it down, I came accross this interview by MTV with David Lynch, an artist I very much respect and whose films I love. I read this quote answered with his typical directness:

MTV: “… Are you ever tempted to relinquish a little control in order to have access to a bigger budget?”

Lynch: “Never! Never! Never! Money could never make up for dying the death of seeing what could have been and not making it that way. Maybe it’s because I came from painting, but it’s just theater of the absurd. The filmmaker doesn’t have the final say. It’s absurd! A nightmare, a horror! Why would anyone do that?”

Read the interview. And listen to another interview with Lynch here on Talk of the Nation.


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