The Return of the Blog Monster!

For over two years, I had regular blog… well a semi-regular blog called “IMAX™ in a Basement” that a number of people followed. The phrase was coined by the local media here in Greensboro and despite the fact it was trademarked phrase, I was not worried as my project was a small thing well off the radar.

Then, last March, 14 months ago, the clip went viral around the world. A few months later after the hub-bub died down, I notice to my concern that this phrase has pushed search engine results way, way up high with references to that phrase. I grew a bit concerned that a call from their legal department was imminent. So I initiated a plan to deal with the potential issue proactively.

I initiated contact with a person I trust and respect and then decided to remove any reference to that on the film’s website and other materials, the blog being the most notable, and waited for it to disappear from the search results. The downside is that the blog would have to go offline for awhile and I chose to build up the Facebook Page in the interim. There is also a spiffy new longer and detailed disclaimer.

However, this in fact did not work. Search results are still there today. But since I get a lot of questions of what happened to the blog, it’s time to relaunch with a new name. I also think that will help with the search engine. And IMAX™ has been very nice about all of this – so it’s overall a very positive thing.

On to the return of the blog!

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