The New Series: 11 Reasons to NOT to make an IMAX art film in your basement

#0: Prelude

This a prequel post about an upcoming series of blog posts between now and April 12th. Needless to say, this adventure has been a challenging journey. So I’m gonna cover all the big points that would have been perfectly acceptable reasons for giving up. It’s a solid list of reasons that anyone contemplating doing this should peruse. I kid, of course, I would love it it more people joined the madness …

Rather than start from the beginning of “Outside In” (which you can read about here), I’m going to focus on what happened in the summer of 2006 when the word “IMAX” first entered the picture. Up until that point, “Outside In” had started as a 3 minute short film, then turned into a one act play, then turned back into a 9 minute HD film and finally put on the shelf.

I had shot two versions of the film with different actors and it was simply another short, experimental art film. I was already having all sort of technicality difficulties as working with Hi-Def 1080p footage on 2006 era computers was not exactly easy. So all my brain could envision was HD. That seem already too ambitious.

Until that fateful year. Until the madness began. All due to a chance meeting with a total stranger at a real low point.

Stay tuned, reason #1 coming. Read Reason #1 here

Outside In HD Shoot #2 - Sheila Duell and Tim Matson prep, Photo by Steve Moore


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