The Most Amazing Clip Coming Soon…

Just kicked off the render – even at 1/4 (25% resolution which is still 1400 X 1050 pixels), a 60 second shot is reporting a 120 hour render. Hopefully it will speed up. Hopefully, it will work okay. 😐

Thanks to the new CS5 version of After Effects which finally allows me to use all my techniques at IMAX resolution, I’m now rendering out the first color photographic flythrough of this photograph (below). The shot will first swoop by Titan, then across the planet and underneath the rings to arrive at Enceladus. Of course, there is no way for anyone to see it at it’s full 5600 x 4200 pixel glory until it’s output to IMAX film. So HD will have to suffice, for now.

More details later, but let’s  just say this shot  which contain thousands upon thousand of Photoshop layers animated in After Effects, represents many months of labor on my part, many months of labor by several amatuer astronomers from the Unmanned Spaceflight Forum, many months of work by the Cassini Imaging team, and of course years of work by NASA/JPL/ESA to get the spacecraft into orbit around Saturn.

Not only is this a world first, but it probably near a worlds most for human time put into 60 seconds of motion pictures. While my overclocked quad-core churns on this shot, this beautiful photo will have to satiate you until it successfully renders.


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