The Inside Story about IMAX, LieMax and IMAX Digital

For the last few weeks, a firestorm of bad publicity has been online about the fact the IMAX’s Digital system is nothing like their film-based systems. Of course, it’s old news to me since I was at the official unveiling of the system at Giant Screen Cinema Association Expo last September and frankly, my home blu-ray looks better and sounds almost as good. Unfortunately, IMAX starting rolling out these inferior digital systems and called them “IMAX” and expected people to pay $5 more a ticket without complaining. But the cat’s out of the bag now.

A note –  “Outside In” is being created digitally,  but for now, will only be shown on IMAX 15/70mm film and some select digital 4K systems. IMAX’s “LieMax” digital systems are 2k+, although I did not see the “+” of “2k+” – this is less than half the resolution of “Outside In”.

But it does seem that IMAX is beggining to get the message. For more info on all of this plus a great tour of the “real IMAX”, check this Gizmodo’s special IMAX coverage.

Also, The Big Movie Zone has tracked all the coverage of this plus all IMAX news.

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