The Early Bird Loses the Worm

Still a little quiet here – I know. New website is under construction and I’m busy with the Fruitcake Film Festival.  But this article in the Hollywood Reporter is worth a mention as the digital rollout of IMAX projection is directly part of “Outside In” and plans for the future.

I’ve not been too worried about the time it’s taking to fund-raise and complete the film. From earlier posts, you know that I’ve returned “Outside In” to strictly a not-for-profit venture. So far that is going well – some sizable donations are headed this way. But if the film was actually finished, I would have a huge problem.

Film prints. More specifically IMAX film prints. Any film print is expensive. But IMAX, due to low volume, much larger film stock, prints, etc. is brutally expensive to print. I’ve been quoted $330,000 for a 2D film-out of Outside, $650,000 for 3D – just to make a master for the print. Then you need $25,000 for each 2D print or $45,000 for each 3D print to actually show.

That’s why I started looking for investors last year. But as IMAX as increased talk of digital projection, it’s opened the window to skipping film prints entirely for “Outside In”. That means it’s actually a bad idea to finish the film too soon. Until enough digital IMAX theaters are available, the opportunity to show the film is small or very, very expensive.

So, since there is several months of fundraising and a couple of years of animation work left, it’s actually working out pretty good. “Outside In” should be finished about the time digital IMAX theaters reach critical mass.

Who said the early bird always gets the worm? Maybe the tortoise and the hare is the better analogy.

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