The Complete Opposite of “Outside In” – it’s 48 Hour Film Festival Time

I would consider it a wild success if “Outside In” gets done by 2009 or 2010. Many indie docs average about 7 years film rom beginning pre-production to final completion, so getting “Outside In” finished in 5 years (I started in earnest in 2005) would rock.

But this weekend, tomorrow, all that goes out the window as our usual gang, “Summer of Love”, will participate in Greensboro’s 48 Hour Film Festival for the third time. Some of us were on another team the first year, so this is 4 years in a row.

Making a 48 Hour Film is not really about trying to make a good film. It’s mostly about having fun with friends. But it’s also a great creative experience that can teach you to make decisions quickly  – it really hones the gut instinct.

Plus, it’s great way to try something out – do something “outside” of our comfort zone. Last year, I directed an improvised mockumentary pretty much following Christopher Guest’s techniques to a T which I had studied but never tried. We had an absolute blast. You can watch it here.

This year? I have no idea. Each year, we do less and less planning. Last year, as this year, we did nothing.  Other than prep the gear, we just leave it wide open.

See you on the other side…

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