Team 11 Signup – closing in three weeks!

Team 11 is the rock that this film depends on. Individuals, families, groups of friends pool resources and contribute at least $11 a month to help the production of the film. It started off as a concept to tie to the original release date of the film, 11/11/11. Of course, if you know the history of the film, an 18-month delay waiting for software and a couple of bumps have pushed that date back to fall 2013.

But, with impressive awesomeness, the Team 11’s have stuck by the film. Some have eased back then added back in when money has been tight. But without them, the film would have struggled during the lean times.

In the last year, Team 11 has paid for failed computer parts, backup services, computer power bills, membership in Giant Screen Cinema Association, screening fees to show the film in Paris to IMAX theaters in Europe, Africa & Asia, expenses for file transfers of the many photographs used in the film and much, much more.

But your chance to be a part of the key support of the film is ending. With the release of the film coming and to be fair to the current Teams, as of July 1st, no new Team 11s. So take this opportunity to really become part of the core support of the film. Sign up your Team 11 today.


  • Your own Saturn system name (Moon, Ring, feature etc.)
  • signed DVD or Blu-Ray of the film
  • Signed 5X7 print
  • 7 free 15/70mm (IMAX™) frames
  • Special private in-progress screenings
  • 2 free tickets at any giant screen venue
  • 2 VIP premiere tickets & 2 VIP premiere party tickets.
  • Dedicated team page on the website to customize.
  • Team 11 Facebook group and email list where insider info is posted

Each team will be listed on the website and in the credits for the film, in order of their Team “ring”. Each “ring” lists teams in order of how much they donate each month.

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