The original tagline to “Outside In” was “context is everything“. This was from the original dialogue based version of the film long before it was going to be an giant screen IMAX film. The dialogue is long done, over a dozen drafts ago and the original teaser trailer that had the line of dialogue is long gone as well.

The challenge, since the film is now a dialogue and narration free film (except for brief intro), is that the film is using moving images to communicate what words fail to do.

So, I’m mulling a new tagline today. Unfortunately, “tagpicture” is not yet widely endorsed in the media, so I need a short phrase to describe what words cannot describe.

Some candidates:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a million pictures worth” (too long and the math is solvable)

Bridging the Chasm” (short but vague and not very exciting)

Blow your Mind” (close to the truth but looks like a lame movie quote manufactured by some studio exec for a really bad film)

Or of course, no tagline at all which I kind of like or perhaps something more mysterious. Thoughts?

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