“Surprisingly Like Earth” – is that surprising?

Some news is out about how earth-like mountains are on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. The article says they are “surprisingly like earth”. This gets at the core of what exploring space, starting with our neighborhood, the solar system, is all about.

We actually have no idea if it’s actually “surprising” that Titan has earth-like mountains or earth-like anything for that matter. Are “earth-like” qualities common or rare? Are we unique? Special? Rare? Or just plain ordinary?

It’s one of the big arguments and like most any big argument, pointless to argue about (though this has not stopped everybody at both extremes of this argument from debating it ad nauseum).

The only real answer is to get out there and see. It’s a big universe, but you gotta start somewhere and it is suprising how much you can find out just getting started.

Much of what passes for serious debate here on earth basically consists of people inside arguing about what the weather is doing outside. If only they would just step outside. Even for a moment.

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