Supporter of the Day – Toolfarm

If you have followed Outside In at all, you probably know the film is being creating by animating hundreds of thousands of still photographs. And in order to do that, the program Adobe After Effects is very important to the film – in fact, progress of the film was slowed waiting for the new version After Effects to handle the very high resolutions in the film.

But there is a very critical part of After Effects that makes so much of the magic of animation like this possible – something called the “plug-in“. For the non-geek, I’m not talking about controlling those pesky household odors 🙂 Software plug-ins are sub-programs that you add to existing software to provide powerful, time-saving and cool features to the software.

Outside In would not be possible without a number of key plug-ins but once you start adding a lot of them, the cost really adds up. Fortunately, I was already a small customer of simply the best place on earth to find and buy plug-ins: the good folks at Toolfarm. I approached them about sponsoring the film and they generously jumped on board, well beyond my expectations. So allow to me to “plug” this special sponsor to the film.

Toolfarm is the leading third-party reseller of After Effects Plug-ins and visual effects tools. Known also for distribution, publishing, service and training, it has become the de facto standard as the one-stop shop for Adobe After Effects Plug-ins as well as motion graphics tools.

On February 19th, 2009, Toolfarm acquired the assets of – an online ecommerce resource for information about digital content creation, including it’s network which includes,,,, and

On October 18, 2004, Toolfarm aquired the AE FreeMart – an online resource and portal for users of Adobe After Effects and Motion Graphics Tools.

So spread the word, not only is Toolfarm the place for plugins, they are also a strong supporter of creative artists around the world.


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