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When I profiled “Toolfarm” – I talked about “plug-ins” and how they are critical to the film. Well there is one suite of plug-ins that are key to much of the work on Outside In — the Trapcode Suite of plug-ins from Red Giant Software. Designed by the genius Peder Norrby, I started using the very first plug-in “Shine” when it first came out  years ago and continued to follow his work.

When work ramped up on Outside In, I built a dedicated machine just for the film. Red Giant Software stepped in and donated the Trapcode Suite of plug-ins for the machine. The “Big Bang” concept shot from the teaser trailer is created using Particular and Knoll Light Factory and a photograph of a single star repeated 10,000+ times (a still frame is used for the background image of this site). Right now, work is underway on using entire images of galaxies, star clusters and more in Particular, only now possible with the new version of After Effects that allows animated thousands of these massive images.

Even if you don’t have any idea of how this exactly works, you can enjoy the results. Check out their cool demo reel below.

Founded in 2002, Red Giant Software publishes and develops iPhone apps and software tools made by industry veterans Stu Maschwitz and John Knoll. Red Giant Software’s ever-expanding product line has over 30 packages that run in Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe After Effects®, Adobe Premiere Pro®, Apple Final Cut Pro®, Apple Motion®, and Avid® systems. The vast range of visual effects tools features industry-leading effects for designing realistic fire, rain, and water; adding popular looks; and creating perfect keys. Red Giant effects have enhanced feature films such as Angels & Demons, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Mummy 3, and Grindhouse, and added sparkle to cable and broadcast content from NBC Universal, Food Network, ESPN, Disney, CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, and TNT.

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