“Still Life” wins award at Carrboro Film Festival

A few months ago, I did a camera test for “Outside In” on creating motion from a DSLR still camera. The test turned out so well, I turned it into a short film “Still Life“. A 6 minute section of “Outside In” will feature a sequence showcasing the human timeline using still photographs of human actors and many other still photographs against the the dome of the night sky above.

It will be pretty complicated to shoot and will probably burn out the shutter of high-end DSLR, so I wanted to test the method well first. “Still Life” took about 7000 stills to make (plus a week of rendering time to create the motion). I submitted it to the Carrboro Film Festival where it was accepted. The screening was yesterday – the festival is a great event and worth attending. “Still Life” was very well received and won an award for “Best Technical Achievement in Filmmaking”. They also screened the Outside In trailer, which was nice.

For those not in the area, an HD version of still life is here.

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