Still down…

Just a quick update. Server is still down. I finally gave up on repairing/restoring the server as is. It just can’t be done and I talked to several other IT geeks and they concur. So now onto rebuilding and repairing any damaged data. Have a couple of options of restoring from backup but due to the complex nature of this Frankenstein machine, it’s tricky.

The data backups that were stored on this machine of my all my projects and work seem to be somewhat intact. Some corruption is there that as we speak is being repaired. I won’t know for awhile how successful repairs have been. I do have copies of some of it on my main systems but not of the archived stuff – this machine was the archive/mirror/storage box. I also have all the project files as well as all my documents etc. (but not the huge renders, data files and other stuff too large to be backed up) backed up here, offsite and via Mozy (about 100 GB). Even if all the data is lost, for Outside In, most can be re-rendered, rebuilt, reloaded from the project files. Some archived data might be lost. I’ve been uploading that to Mozy but it takes literally months (I’ve got about 40 GB of 500 GB loaded).

I have some freelance/business/personal archived projects, captures and output files that might be damaged but I have the original tapes and project files stored off-site, so that could be recaptured and output again. So hopefully, not much, except tons of time, is lost.

Again, this is why the budget calls for much improved data storage, UPS and backup protection. Maybe this blog should be called “wrangling terabytes”…

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