Space Image Processors

In creating a film that will ultimately use nearly 1,000,000 still photographs, every photograph is not equal. In order to create the stunning animated footage of flying through space, the most important ingredient is lots of very high resolution images processed from space image sources.

Until early 2007, I was really stuck on how to get enough high resolution images to create footage even at HiDef resolutions, much less resolutions for IMAX® and Giant Screen theaters. And then I found Unmanned Spaceflight

Unmanned Spaceflight | In Saturn's Rings

Unmanned Spaceflight was the first big step that made a film possible that could play in IMAX® and Giant Screen theaters. Here, I found an amazing group of dedicated and talented amateurs that process space images. It opened me to a world of learning both how to process space images but more importantly, to have these amazing people donated their hard work and beautiful photographs to the film.

While NASA, JPL, CiClops, ESA, Space Telescope Institute and other agencies to generate some high resolution images, huge amounts of data is never processed into usable images. Without the efforts of Unmanned Spaceflight – now sponsored by The Planetary Society – and the many other image wonks around the world that have contributed to the film, there would be no In Saturn’s Rings.


  • Ioannis Batsios
  • Ricardo Borba
  • Axel Mellinger
  • Bill Eberly
  • Stefan Jeglinksi
  • Josh Elliott
  • Anish Ramaswamy
  • Richard Johnson
  • Robert Gendler
  • Tim Matson