Some Interesting Tidbits – Lucifer and Big Movie Zone

Nope, I have not started worshiping the Devil (though if he funded IMAX films, I would at least take a meeting). An urban legend is making the rounds again under the title “Project Lucifer“. Basically, it riffs off the fact that the Cassini spacecraft is powered by a small amount of plutonium and wildly speculates that the spacecraft will be plunged into Saturn. This will explode Saturn into a star around 2012 (yes, the Mayan calendar thing again), destroying earth and letting (insert favorite shadowy power group here) rule the new world on Titan. Read the gory debunk here.

It’s another wild, harmless stupid conspiracy theory but the real damage it does it take away from the cool stuff Cassini is doing. Catch up on Cassini’s latest real news here.

Also, I did not post a direct link to the Big Movie Zone blog entry on the film plus they have a great blog for all news IMAX and giant screen. Check it out here.

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