Sneak Peak at SDSS Multiplane

For those that slogged through the 10-part history and current state of the film, we are now resuming regular posts on the current work on the film as we move to complete.

We went into detail there on the multiplane aspects but here’s a quick look at the multiplane. This is still from a check render of the mid-ground of the most complex part of the sequence. There are approximately 1.2 million galaxies from here (the points of lights are ALL galaxies, not stars) from the Sloane Digital Sky Survery (SDSS), each placed in correct position and scale from SDSS database measurements.

These are galaxies close to our foreground star (not pictured) and will also have a million more galaxies in the background (not pictured). The wide shot does not really indicate the incredible density of galaxies here so this image gives a crop and zoom so you get a sense.

You should also note the “yellowish” look of the galaxies. This is because almost every galaxy is hurtling away from us as the universe continues to accelerate its expansion. This “red-shift” means most galaxies tend to be on the warm looking side of the color spectrum.

More soon as we have foreground and background planes combined. We are making sure rendering is stable on various render boxes first as it will the most complex assembly render of the film due to the huge size of background and foreground planes and the 1.2 million individual mid-ground planes.

arp273 midground SDSS

click for larger

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