Seeking Render machines! Free Perks!

Remember the talk of the massive, most complex render yet? Well it’s underway now – and we are looking for volunteer machines to help render.

Test Render of just midground

You will earn perks too! For each frame (the film is 24 frames per second and this sequence runs around 40 seconds i.e. 960 frames) you render successfully, you earn $24 of donation value. 10 frames will get you a lovely set of perks from the film – check them out here. And bragging rights to render part of the most complex multiplane animation in film history as well as containing the largest composite image (by factor of 8 i.e. 8.6 Terapixels!!!) in history.

The catch? If you think your machine is fast, well this render will make it hurt, hurt real bad. Render are 1 to 3 days PER FRAME on fast machines.  And you will need these items.

  1. Patience
  2. A signed NDA in-saturns-rings-nda-v3
  3. Adobe After Effects 2015.3 Mac or Windows
  4. Red Giant Particular 2.2.6 – note this NOT the current version, you will have to downgrade if you do as newer versions have a bug (reported to Red Giant but no fix is available). We are not creating particles, sign the NDA above and we can say more 🙂
  5. Red Giant Horizon (any version)
  6. A fast machine – quad core, recent CPU, at least 64GB of RAM (we may get 32GB working, not sure yet), an SSD – there are 5 million small PNG files (the individual galaxies) that bring spinning hard disks, even RAID, to their knees
  7. Notably, a fast CPU is much more important than graphic card – render does not use the GPU at all so just a basic discrete GPU will work fine
  8. Battery backup and cool running system recommended.
  9. Time! 🙂

Contact me if you would like to become part of animation history!

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