Sad State of the world, Cassini anniversary passes with news whimper

In case you missed it, this week marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Cassini spacecraft to Saturn, carrying the Huygens lander that would then become our first landing on an alien moon.

There has been some coverage in the news though very slight (e.g. CNET Photo Gallery) and of course the official imaging site and NASA marked it with the best fanfare they can summon. But I asked a room of 40 people on Monday if they knew what annivesary was that day. Zero knew and they all know about my film.

But the real revelation is Google News. Check out the sum total of Cassini Anniversary news coverage here.  That’s just sad, no two ways about it. And it gets worse. On Monday, OJ Simpson’s co-defendants agreed to testify. Needless to say, that news coverage beat up Cassini’s. Many other basically pointless news filled up the outlets. Do they really think people don’t want to see these images?

And, as my previous post about internal troubles causing publicity problems, the media still carries a big responsibility here as well. This week, news desk people had NASA press releases on their desk. Most chose not to mention it and instead covered what they covered.

But sometimes, a picture says things much better. Here’s the main image from the annivserary release. Still want to see pictures of OJ’s co-defendants in court?


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