Pictures of Saturn Go to Church

“Building bridges is the most radical thing you could do right now”. This is what a filmmaker I know told me with great insight a couple of years back after I was relating my difficulty in raising money from organizations. Science organizations balked at the word “spirituality” in my synopsis (“we can’t be associated with anything religious – you know they don’t believe in dinosaurs?”). Religious organizations got nervous about a project in memory of Stanley Kubrick and Carl Sagan (“they didn’t believe in God did they?”). Both groups got nervous about all those Paris Hilton, George Bush and Britney Spears images in the teaser (“Is this a political film?”).

I did my best to explain that my film is not a religious, science or political film. It is a art film building a bridge between all those worlds and more. To date, this has fallen on deaf ears and the only financial support for the film has been from private individuals. I knew then and still know now that if I totally changed my film to, pun intended, preach to the choir of one group or another, money would come much, much, more easily.

But “Outside In” remains pure to the original spirit of its moment of creation when I saw the first images of Saturn come down from Cassini. Despite all the script changes and tweaking, the synopsis to the film is still ““Outside In” is a giant-screen visual symphony that aims to artistically bridge science and spirituality as it journeys from the big bang to the Cassini-Huygens Mission at Saturn.”

But despite the hard road of funding, my passion for building a bridge between science and spirituality via the incredible images from space missions has actually grown. One area of growth is taking the message to various groups – churches, civic organizations and science groups. I hope this areas continues to grow as “Outside In” grows. While I do hope it spreads word about the film around, what I most hope comes out of it is tiny steps to actually building this bridge.

So tomorrow, my first official presentation will be at St. Francis Episcopal Church here in Greensboro, tomorrow morning. As more are scheduled, I will keep everyone posted here.

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