“Outside In” to be featured in LF Examiner

Some very exciting news! LF Examiner, the independent journal of the Large Format industry, is publishing a nice article on “Outside In” for this month’s issue. LF Examiner is a subscriber-only print publication that covers the industry and is the bible of what’s happening in the giant screen world.

It’s a honor to be covered in it and is the first real introduction of “Outside In” to the industry. I’m a little nervous but mostly excited. Thanks again to the editor, James Hyder, for his support and interest.

Of course, the article won’t appear online, you have to subscribe to read it. But here’s a snippet from email update I just got that highlights the issue’s contents. It’s just fun to see what started as crazy little project back in 2004 now listed as an real IMAX film:

TOP STORIES, Summer 2008 (full details in the print edition)

First IMAX Digital Theaters to Open in July
The first six IMAX digital projectors are set to be installed in AMC multiplexes in Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey in July and August.

Making a Giant-Screen Film in My Basement
Inspired by NASA images of Saturn, filmmaker Stephen Van Vuuren has been working on his own for four years to make a giant-screen film about the ringed planet.

Getting Lightfoot Song for “Mysteries of the Great Lakes”
Director David Lickley recounts the on-again, off-again process of getting permission to use “the” song about the Great Lakes.

The Insiders: Mary Jane Dodge
Dodge looks at the changes to the marketing of giant-screen films brought about by the World Wide Web.


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