“Outside In” Predicts Current Events – Satellite Crash & Debris Cloud

It may not have been front page news, but despite the terrible flu I had for the past week, this story about the satellite collision and resulting huge debris field was not a surprise to me. For decades, various experts have said “this is very unlikely, impossible, space is huge, we will have figured out before it’s a problem etc. blah blah blah“. Of course, they were wrong this. For the first time in history, satellites in orbit have collided by “chance”.

The script for “Outside In” has always had a scene about a possible future of skies over earth filled with debris, garbage and space junk that threaten the globe. To me, it’s always been obvious that’s were things are currently headed. Humans have proven we litter, junk up, mess up and trash anything we establish a presence in. Our noblest efforts so far have been to clean up messes. We’ve yet to actually go somewhere new and keep it clean.

But now that it’s actually happened and has the potential to become a threat to the International Space Station (which I think is a good thing – if it poses no threat, to easy to brush off), maybe some good will come of it. Space debris may not seem like a big deal now but I’m sure the first person who coughed over some smoke from a fire didn’t think about global climate change either.


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