“Outside In” – In or Out?

Just got the survey data from screening “Outside In” at the Giant Screen Cinema Association Expo last month. Basically, each IMAX, IMAX Dome etc. is an seperate operation and individually books their films – nothing like the way the regular film business works with big studios and big theater chains.

So at the yearly GSCA expos, when your clip or trailer screens, each buyer for a theater fills out an anonymous survey about their likelihood of booking a film. This data is compiled and reported back in private to each film’s producer.

For the second year, I’m very encouraged and excited by the data. Despite being the lowest budgeted film by a huge factor and showing a very basic clip of test shots AND being a non-typical and slightly controversial film, about 30% of theaters expressed good interest in the film and 15% have very strong interest. This is more than double of what I hoped for and good data for raising funds.

All the feedback was very good…except for one thing. The title “Outside In” continues to rate quite poorly. Not that that’s a huge surprise. Half of my friends call the film “Inside Out” and people have trouble remembering it. But I have not thought of anything better yet.

In early versions of the film, the title was explained in detail but now, it’s more obscure, so, “Outside In” may be out. Thoughts? Comments?

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