Outside In Image in New Book

Beginning last year, I had an issue with various people stealing some of my images from the teaser trailer.  I was forced to send out cease and desist notes especially as most were linking to my site (without saying so) sucking up my bandwidth.

Here’s a small version of one of the images which I’ve now had to watermark to discourage use.

It was a big hassle but finally I’ve managed to get the most egregious uses stopped. However, my brief reign as the #1 image in Google images search for “big bang” had a silver lining. A number of people around the world, instead of just stealing, requested use of the image.

I’ve now licensed the image in exchange for donations to the film to a few people. You can see one in the new book from Sara Howard, aimed at young adults : The Biggest Explosions in the Universe.  I just received a copy from the author today and it looks like a great book to get kids interested in space.

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