“Outside In” heads to the giant screen in Jersey City (with a little help from a lot of friends)

I’ve been busy as a spacecraft launch team getting ready for the Giant Screen Cinema Association Conference in Jersey City, so blogging has been on the back burner. Sunday, I will head to NJ and I’m very excited.

It will be great learning experience as it’s my first large format film conference but the most exciting part is that 2 minutes of early, in-progress shots from the film will be shown on IMAX film as part of the “Films in Production“. This is the first time any of “Outside In” will be seen on IMAX film!!!

My new partnership with Fotokem who did the film-out has become a great relationship. They did a fantastic job and provide much helpful guidance during the process.

It’s invaluable (as well as exciting) for me to see some clips from the film so early in the process. I just started working on the 4K IMAX frames this spring which are far harder to work with than the HiDef images from earlier attempts of the film. But the good news is the test frames show that the new IMAX in basement setup is working even better than I hoped – color, resolution, contrast are all just what I see on my end. I’m very confident now the film can be done at very high quality levels.

I plan to try to blog as much as possible during the conference, so stay tuned.

So again, big thanks to Andrew Oran and his team at Fotokem for doing such a great job. But many more thanks are in order for all the people that have helped make this conference possible in no particular order and hopefully I’ve got everybody…

  • James Hyder of LF Examiner
  • Tim Sassoon of Sassoon Film Design
  • The AE List
  • Michelle and Colin at Toolfarm.com
  • Dave at Red Giant Software
  • Gordan Ugarkovic
  • Neil Carboni
  • Matthias Malmer
  • Lisa McDonall
  • Yanni Batsios
  • Ken Randall
  • Cathi and Nicole from Velocity Trade Exchange
  • Jason Pierce
  • Phillip Powell
  • Jim McQuaid
  • Sheila Duell
  • Mark Wagoner
  • Steve Exum
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Rob Wood of Daletech
  • David & Laura van Vuuren
  • and of course, my lovely wife Marie
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