Outside In featured in the Big Movie Zone

Sorry for the quiet here, but last weekend was the 48 Hour Film Project here in Greensboro and for the fifth year in a row I was stupid- er, brave enough to enter with my team Summer of Love again. I’m just starting to get my brain & body back together (and swearing yet again not to do it ever again).

If you are in the area, we are screening our in the 7pm block this Saturday night. Details and tickets here.

The 48 Hour is the complete opposite of Outside In – you have to write, shoot, edit and post a 4 to 7 minute movie in 48 hours. But despite that, stuff is continuing to happen. As result of the article in LF Examiner, the Big Movie Zone has listed the film. The Big Movie Zone is the place for all things IMAX and Giant Screen cinema and it’s a honor to be listed.

Will post more Outisde In news soon, but busy printing t-shirts for our screening…

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