Old concept shots coming soon.

I’m currently working on downloading new images to update the Zeitgeist image database. The database has images based on Google’s Zeitgeist (and other sources) that reflect what images people are interested in over time.

These images are building blocks for several sections of “Outside In”  – right now there are about 30,000 images in it. By the time the film is done, it will be several hundred thousand.

Over the next few days, I’m gonna post some crude test of stuff done early on with Zeitgeist images, before “Outside In” was headed for IMAX and when it was an experimental art film, many drafts of the script in the past.

A little history on the film. Way back in 2004, “Outside In” was a 5 page one act play. Yes, you read that right- a play. No sets, no props, just two actors having a dialogue.

Then in late 2004, I had a new vision – a 10 minute HD art film. It would be an expanded version of the dialogue with images on-screen. I actually shot two different versions of this but ran into problems with logistics, actor life problems etc. By early 2006 I finally had footage shot. But I was underwhelmed, it just didn’t quite work the way I wanted it to.

But then two things happened – one day in my car I was to while listening to Ferry Corsten’s remix of “Adagio for Strings” performed by William Orbit and a whole new vision of the film sprang into my head.

Then I ran into James Hyder of LF Examiner later in 2006 by chance – he put the IMAX bug in my ear and continued to help me think about the possibilities of the giant screen.

Over the next 18 months I wrote numerous drafts – first trying to keep the original dialogue scenes in the film but finally, those left, replaced by voice-over narration. Then finally those were dumped when I figured out how to drop dialogue and narration. In a cool way, this has led back to original spirit of the film in a much more powerful visual way that will rock on the giant screen.

So look for some weird, fun, cool video tests soon…


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