Not-for-profit & Not-for-sale

As the film moves closer and closer to completion – and has more and more venues around the world express interest in the film – the question comes up about money and Outside In.

Although I have considered all sorts of models for Outside In in years past, since 2007 it has been a legal, fiscally sponsored non-profit undertaking financed 100% by individual donors and sponsors. At first it seemed this would not be enough, but the viral exposure last year really helped push the film forward. Now, the base of supporters is strong enough to raise the remaining funds to finish the film.

Yes, there is more money to raise, but doing 3 to 4 small fundraisers a year will be enough to finish the film in digital form. At that time, the digital version can be screened to raise the final costs (music licensing, insurance, mastering costs) – that is not a huge obstacle.

This all means the film will be finished debt-free and without anyone, other than myself, owning the content. This is the primary reason I have wanted to keep the film non-profit. So much of the content has been donated to the film, supported by the donors and sponsors, and I want to give that back, share it with scientist, teachers, schools and outreach efforts. It would be nearly impossible to do this if private investors were funding the film.

So the film will remain a not-for-profit until complete – to protect the film itself, to protect use of the content and to honor the vision of myself and the long-time supporters of the project.

And that makes me happy.

  • Lorrain Sylvia
    Posted at 06:42h, 14 May

    It is really great to read this ! I m very happy for you and for the movie too.
    And happy to donate for this outstanding project !
    Sharing is the best !
    Long life to Outside In !!!!

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