No 48 Hour Film this year – but something better.


As many of you know, every year for the past 7 years I’ve joined a team of local filmmakers to create a 48 Hour film in Greensboro’s competition. But this year, we felt it was time to raise our game and have more time to make a better quality film.

So this year, a couple of teams have joined together to make a film “Someday” using a script I wrote a few years back about a man who is struggling to follow his dream. We have an amazing team of people that have been working on the film for a couple of months. However, we have expenses for food, props, sets, costumes, hard drives etc. that have to be met to make the film. We are selling advance copies of the film, tickets to the premiere and special perks to cover those expenses via Kickstarter. A digital download of the film is only $7.

Please watch the video on our Kickstarter campaign organized by our producer Jaye Pierce. It ends in 33 hours and we still need to raise over $2000. A lot of talented artists have worked hard already on this project – and by supporting it you not only support them, but get your own personal copy of the film, credit in the film and more.

Please share the Kickstarter campaign with all your friends via social media. Help make “Someday” today.

Stephen van Vuuren




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