NASA’s desperation – A Single Raised Eyebrow for SPACE!

NASA does very cool things like repairing Hubble and of course the Cassini mission, Mars Rovers and more. But one of the initial inspirations behind “Outside In” was NASA’s very lame “Why Saturn” page from several years ago at the beginning of the mission. I can’t find it now, they have at least improved that.

And the whole focus, budget and strategy over human vs. unmmaned, Moon, Mars, new vehicles is currently a very messy debate.

So, NASA decides to roll out some new PSA’s about why space exploration is important.  Prepared to be awed by the majesty and mystery of space… as brought to you by cartoons and a wrestler. My fav is “spinoffs”…

Perhaps I’m not the audience (although I’m not sure who is considering the film’s box office for a dud of an opening weekend). Now if NASA had the twilight stars – “Vampires in Space!” – well at least that would have been widely viewed.

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