IMAX in a basement – “The Song” and other Youtube Adventures

It’s been quite a week. My quick and dirty little video has been featured on since Monday evening and my inbox has not been the same since with all the views,  comments, emails etc. (being on the page the night of the debates was very lucky). Of course, views on Youtube are how many people start watching it for at least a few seconds. Plus, as you can see by the many juvenile comments, many of them indeed are kids on their parents computers.

But, amidst the noise, I’ve met a lot of cool people including some very cool kids and received a massive amount of positive feedback, solid contacts for the film, a few donations and upcoming media coverage on the DV Show and Computer America. But the most fun thing was a youtuber’s video response – a song – check it out here

Of course, I’m lifelong indebted to Jeremy aka Psychomelody for featuring me. He’s a great guy and please give as much life as possible.

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