Video featured on Youtube – Yowza!

Due to the generosity of a fellow filmmaker Jeremy, the short vid I did about doing an film for IMAX™ theaters in my basement is currently the featured video on YouTube and probably for another couple of hours. If you are reading this a few days after I post, you can find me on YouTube here. The view counts are stuck on Youtube – it appears that 1000 or so people have watched today and I’ve been slammed with comments, emails and even a couple of small donations (thank you!).

Amongst the 12 year old insults (just how many times can you make unfunny Uranus jokes), spam and accusations that this is some kind of scam, there have been some very nice responses and met some cool people.  Not sure what will result of this but it’s wild, fun ride so far…

  • Yves
    Posted at 17:48h, 24 July

    Cool idea! I hope you pull it off. I just watched the IMAX in a basement clip and the teaser trailer for the film. Is there going to be voice over or narrative?

  • stephenv2
    Posted at 18:13h, 24 July

    Yeah, the film is going to be a mix of both music section and narrated sections. Thanks for the kind words.

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