IMAX Announces Digital Rollout Plans ahead of schedule

Some interesting news here from IMAX Corporation. They are actually speeding up their rollout of digital projection technology. Unlike standard movie theaters that have been going digital for sometime, the demand of projecting an IMAX size and quality image are much tougher and they are last to the party in the move to digital.

But IMAX appears to have solved the technical and cost issues. This is excellent news for “Outside In”. Since the film is being created on computers, without using a single frame of IMAX film,  it’s perfect for digital projection as no quality will be lost on projecting the film. Plus, the cost of making a film print for “Outside In” is over $300,000 in 2d and $600,000 (two prints required) for 3D. That’s much more than the tens of thousands of dollars for 35mm filmout for standard theaters.

Hopefully by late 2009 or 2010, most all IMAX theaters will have been converted to digital giving “Outside In” lots of opportunities to screen on the truly big screen around the world.


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