How To Be A Virtual Extra – by Those Two Guys

As I’ve said before, “Outside In” is being create from thousands and thousand of still images. That’s hard enough. Getting all the still images is almost as hard and very time consuming. But you can help. For the last sequence of the film, I need still pictures of people (making you a “virtual extra”) from around the world – thousands of people.

It’s a tough concept to explain so I a talented up and coming filmmaker, Justin Sale, create a “how-to” video using the characters from his YouTube series “Those Two Guys“. Watch the video (then grab a camera and take some pics for the film)…

Enjoy… (if you can’t see it click here)

  • Yanni
    Posted at 15:41h, 05 October

    The video won’t come up on my screen. This may just be my computer’s problem, but just wanted to let you be aware of it.

  • stephenv2
    Posted at 18:57h, 05 October

    It’s fixed. It was working in Firefox/Mozilla but not in Internet Explorer. I had to use a plugin for WordPress to get it to work well.

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