How not to Land on Titan

One of the highlights in “Outside In” is the landing on Titan, Saturn’s mysterious moon. There are a few short videos out there attempting to show the landing using real photographs. They don’t work so well. In their defense, the existing photographs are extremely low resolution (think less than cell-phone camera) and often hard to make sense of.




So clearly it’s not easy – in fact I know it’s very hard and not something that can be done in a few hours or a few days. Most professional productions resort to 3D CGI animation due to the challenges. But in “Outside In” I have something much more exciting planned and some of the images being worked on not just by NASA/ESA, but the incredible folks at Unmanned Spaceflight including Mike Malaska will be a big help.

I will be using real photographs and it has to work at the massive resolutions IMAX requires.


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