GSCA 2009 Wrap-Up

Outside In” has been in cold storage for the summer while I worked on two projects that hopefully will help financially support “Outside In“. I spent several weeks provide consulting, hardware, 2D animation and uprez know-how to Objects in Motion Pictures who are producing a giant screen version of “Flatland”. I then spent a few weeks as cinematographer for a friends low-budget feature, “Hellphone“. Both projects were challenging and fun – check out their websites for more news on their process. I think both will turn out very well.

Then, I headed to Indianapolis for the Giant Screen Cinema Association Expo 2009 where both “Flatland” and “Outside In” were presented as films-in-production. My two-minute clip done for the Acer event screened on both a IMAX 80 ft. flatscreen in Indy and a 80 ft. dome screen in Cincinnati. Looked great, especially on the dome.

I’m very encouraged and excited about the response for this unconventional, out-of-the-box, hard-to-describe film. It’s time to finish raising enough money to get full production started to complete the film by 11.11.11. More details soon!

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