My God, it’s Full of Stars.


The other reason( than the health issues) that that film is taking longer to complete is the work on the opening section which involves 5.6 million images from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and thousands of high resolution images from Hubble, ESO and more. We will have a full blog post detailing how this section is being made from the full team, but we are finally solving the uber complex issues and rolling along.

Of course, dealing with 5.6 million images there are huge obstacles just sorting, copying etc. Right now I’m getting rid of problematic local star over exposures, bad frames, corrupted files etc. I have several hundred folder of images from 2 to 80,000 to clean out. We are aiming to deal with 100% of visual artifacts that people might actually see and get as close to 100% scientific accuracy as is humanly possible with the photographic data we have.

Here are before and after shots of cleaning up a folder.



So far, about 200,000, only 5.3 million to go 🙂





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