Fun in the Video Archives

Found a few old tests from the archives while working on new footage…

First up – from way back in 2006 when I was working on the art/experimental version of the film, this was a test of using photographs as shapes. It’s of Britney Spears because that year she was most searched for image on the internet i.e. vs. searches for Saturn which was a point of that version of the film.

[ba-vimeoflex videoid=”45405669″]

Here’s a special little gem that never got uploaded as I was under NDA (non-disclosure agreement) at the time. For almost 18 months the film languished as I was unable to find a solution to render the 6k resolution needed for the giant screen. But about 6 months into that bleak period, I was invited to test After Effects CS5, the first 64-bit version of the program. This was the very few test after several weeks of work to see if the film was going to be possible – or if I was going to have to let the project go.

Needless to say it was a tense time. And what a huge exciting moment when it worked – and I had nobody to tell because of the NDA. Had to wait 12 months to say anything.

[ba-vimeoflex videoid=”45405668″]
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